Pipping keet

A pipping keet (in English: a Guinea fowl chick breaking out of the shell).

A hatched keet

Newly hatched and very wet!

Popping keets

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Fluffed up

Fluffed up and ready for the brooder.

Huddled in brooder

Huddled together in the corner of the brooder.

Two weeks' difference in growth

The first hatch meets the first of the second hatch—believe it or not there is exactly two weeks’ difference between the two, they grow so fast!

A natural Guinea fowl hatch

Not a common sight: this Guinea fowl and her natural hatch just appeared one morning in the garden.

Kids and keets

Kids and keets

Guinea fowl, chooks and alpacas all get along fine

Guinea fowl, chooks and alpacas all get along fine.

Guinea fowl and an alpaca

Guinea fowl and an alpaca.

Laddie and Geordie

Laddie and Geordie the Clydesdales.


Donnie the rescue horse (left) and Laddie (right).

Guinea fowl on verandah railing

Guinea fowl on verandah railing.

Out and about

Out and about.

Out and about some more

Out and about some more.

Guinea fowl on wheel

Guinea fowl on wheel.

Newly hatched keet

Newly hatched keet.

Another pipping keet

Another pipping keet.

Three Clydesdales

Three Clydesdales (L to R): Donnie the rescue horse, Laddie, and Geordie.

Three Clydesdales

Three Clydesdales (L to R): Geordie, Donnie the rescue horse, and Laddie.

Guinea statues and keet

Guinea statues and keet.