The colours we know of in Australia—and have bred—are:
• pearl grey (the original wild type grey colour with white dots (called “pearling”),
• lavender (like pearl grey but lighter),
• silver,
• cinnamon, and
• white (we don’t have white anymore)

In addition to these colours are these body patterns:
• pearling (the spotting mentioned above)
• solid (no pearling)
• pied (white feathers occurring to various degrees on the chest or chest and wings)—any colour can be pied

Guinea Fowl Colour Gallery

Pearl grey and pied pearl grey Guinea fowlThe wild type pearl grey colour, with pied version on right, as indicated by the white feathers on chest

Differences in pied pearl grey markings in Guinea fowlMore examples of pied pearl grey, showing how varied the degree of white can be

Pied lavender Guinea fowlLavender (pied)

Silver Guinea fowlSilver

Lavender, silver, and cinnamon Guinea fowlLavender (darker, at far left), silver (lighter, on right) and cinnamon keets—and if you look really closely at about 8 o’clock you’ll see the tail of a grey pearl keet hiding under the others!